A Unique Player in the wellness industry

Welcome to The Mindfulness Center of Chester

If you have been seeking innovative ways to care for your mind, body, and spirit, look no further. 

You have arrived at your destination for integrated health and wellness solutions. Each of the offerings you’ll find here have been curated with intention. They have been designed to be complementary to each other so that every client can create a personalized experience that is best suited to his/ her/ their individual needs.

What makes MCC utterly unique, though, is YOU!

You see, the foundation of The Center is built on the spirit of giving and community. So, your presence here is vital because when one person heals the effects can be felt by many.

So, I am grateful for your part in this journey.

The Center was just a dream of mine 10 years ago, but with a lot of planning, learning, and love it has come to life. There is just something so beautiful and magical to witness when a dream comes true.
It inspires others to believe that obstacles can be overcome, and that true happiness is attainable.

And as MCC stretches and grows, I hope you’ll grow with it.

This is an inclusive, trauma sensitive space tended by me and the amazing MCC Team. On behalf of all of us, we are so glad you’re here and invite you to explore our services, learn more about the team, and make yourself at home.